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How to save, usage of JAL mile
We initiate into advantageous this and that!

writer: Editorial department


As for everybody, has it been joined JAL mileage bank (JMB)?
"It is not necessary because we do not board airplane very much" and mile which is not multiplied come,
But JAL mile has method to accumulate except that we board airplane.
In addition, it is not only airline ticket to be able to change at mile that we saved.
We send advantageous information of such advantageous JAL mileage bank.


At first method to accumulate on airplane of royal road

Mile is multiplied when we register when we board airplane of world airline of JAL group (JAL, JTA, RAC, JAC, J-AIR, HAC) or one world - alliance participation.
We change by fare classification (regular fare - package fares) of mileage and airline ticket set on the line whether you save several miles.
By the way, one-way mileage of Haneda ⇒ Okinawa is 984 miles with regular fare.
Miles of 50% when we boarded with regular fare in airline ticket to use by package tour becoming package tour fare of JTRIP collect.
As miles increase more when we transfer from Okinawa to Ishigakijima and Miyakojima more, nearly 1,000 miles will collect even for package tour in one trip.

Even annual trip piles up so as to be far if far, and, as for the that there are many opportunities to get on airplane on trip and business trip of within easy reach of, product morebadekanarino mileage should collect in dust!
In addition, we can save as JMB mile when there is opportunity to go for overseas travel and uses one world - alliance participation airline.
In the case of trips of Europe, mileage as mile privilege and exchange are possible may accumulate in one trip.
When we have not enrolled in JMB yet, let's enroll promptly!

We can accumulate even shopping

Do you not think card which credit card function is not included in to be just member's card?
We will see well.
Is indication of electronic money "WAON" not turned on?
Member's card of free member of JAL mileage bank is accompanied by available electronic money WAON without exception at ions or convenience stores of the whole country!
We only change lunch and the price that we usually pay in cash for tea into WAON payment, and miles collect little by little.
In addition, it is chance of mile multiplication as there is shop which is available for WAON payment in major electric appliance people when we buy big household appliances!

We save more when we attach credit card function!

It costs annual convention costs, but chances of mile multiplication increase more when we make credit card JMB card with function!
For example, mile accumulates constantly every month when we appoint credit card of JMB for withdrawal of utilities and withdrawal of the portable price.
Furthermore, miles to be given when we used mile and WAON for use of credit card by charging charge to WAON from credit card not cash will collect, and thing is possible to be able to change with privilege depending on the amount of use once a year!

Saved;, yes, go, but application?

Privilege airline ticket from 6,000 miles

Mileage necessary for exchange varies according to section and the dates.
The minimum mileage is from 6,000 miles of one way, round-trip 12,000 miles.
The use only for one way is possible when the mile balance is not enough in exchange for roundtrip.

Mile is available at 6,000 miles by roundtrip somewhere!

We are limited to Haneda, Itami Airport departure and arrival, but can go at "slightly" round-trip 6,000 miles.
"Somewhere" is not available, but are there new discovery and impression in destination not to choose by oneself?


We can use from 2,000 miles!

We are reliable even if it cannot reach to mileage of exchange of free airline ticket.
Coupons to be able to use for partner shop and service are prepared.
As the end of the month 36 months later is expiration date than day given mile, we should be able to change in some kind of privileges by the use of trip to annual Okinawa +WAON before time limit!

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