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When JAL domestic airline is empty
And Wi-Fi is usable and is free!

writer: Editorial department


If, during movement by airplane, is Naha from Haneda; flight of a little less than three hours. Quite long. What does everybody do in airplane?

etc which sees reading to listen to music to lie down, picture in plane which plays a game, and talks…
We think that there is much how to spend usual times called application in commuter train, but the greatest difference with commuter train is "net environment".
It is necessary to make mode in plane in Japanese domestic airline in plane of airplane.
You must not utter electric wave of cell-phone at destination until after landing after we get in before opportunity, and door closed.
When net environment is cut off, we keenly realize value of electric wave using to usually escape.
Therefore it is inflection of flying Wi-Fi connection service!
How fortunately Wi-Fi connection service is free in domestic airline of JAL!
Therefore we introduce usage of Wi-Fi in plane.
We will prepare beforehand by all means more smoothly when we finish registration before trip as it is available!

※The use becomes only line of JAL - JTA navigation.
※Tokyo (Haneda) - Miyako Line, Okinawa (Naha) - Fukuoka / Miyako / Ishigaki Line only as for some flights.
※We are excluded at the time of J-AIR/JAC/RAC/HAC navigation service, navigation with international airline machine parts.

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When we use for the first time

When we use Wi-Fi service in plane of JAL for the first time, registration to service called Gogo is necessary.
As we can register in plane of airplane, but are free let alone registration,
It is smooth when we make account before boarding.

The details of prior registration are this

In plane, it is available after the takeoff until five minutes before landing after five minutes.

One utilization method

・The use of entertainment in plane
Video program is available with own smartphone, tablet, PC.
Content including drama and variety program, animation and documentary program varies according to months, but can watch at pace to like at own favorite time.
Of course it is free!
Exclusive application is necessary for smartphone, tablet to use entertainment in plane. As we cannot download in plane, we will download application beforehand!
Of course do not forget earphone!

・Intelligence of destination
Of course we make a plan of trip beforehand and think that it is perfect, but are Wi-Fi that is convenient for timely intelligence such as reconfirmation of transportation to move after local information, arrival such as weather just after arrival smoothly.

・Access to SNS
Return of trip is full of many memories and many photographs!
Up of rearranging and traveler's diary of photograph is done in plane, too!

・Online game
It is time killing with game connected to online

Time when it is valuable for use of airplane which is busy during case and vacation in work purpose at movement time.
As even PC is available, it can inflect for intelligence of email check and document making let alone free Wi-Fi.

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