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Success of trip is decided in this!
How to choose hotels not to fail in

writer: Editorial department


Saying "it was good trip,"The most important point to select the quality of trip asIt is not exaggeration even if we tell "selection of hotel" that there is.

By purpose and the budget for each trip,Standards of "the most suitable hotel" are different.

We do not fail to enjoy trip hereWe gather up about point of how to choose hotels.

Flow to choose hotel

1.We decide area

At first let's squeeze place - area to stay at.
How to choose greatly separates, and there are two.

● Destination, near the sightseeing spot

Case to run more than two days, and to visit one sightseeing spotWhen we hope for stay for a long time in one place,Choose hotel near the destination - sightseeing spot.
There is little moving time and can take time to be able to spend for sightseeing for a long time.

In the case of example) Okinawa
It is hotel in sightseeing ⇒ Naha-shi at night in "Kokusai Street"
Around Motobu-cho hotel of ⇒ "Churaumi Aquarium" which wants to go to "Churaumi Aquarium" early in the morning neighborhood

● Place where it is easy to use public transport, and access is good

Case around plural sightseeing spots will choose good place of access.When, not car and rent-a-car, we want to use public transport,Choose hotel in near station and the bus stop.
Drop in at hotel on the way to destinationAs can leave baggage, at the time of sightseeingWe can enjoy trip easily without having baggage.

In the case of example) Okinawa
Hotel close to Yui Rail Makishi Station that is good with one in ⇒ Naha Airport, Kokusai Street, Shuri Castle seeing the sights of Kokusai Street and Shuri Castle

2.Is there room of type that wants to stay?

Next picks up hotel in area if we decide area,Let's check whether there is room of type that wants to stay.

● Room type

・Western-style room: General room type of hotel. Bed type.
・Japanese-style room: General room type of inn. Futon type.
・Japanese-Western style room: Room type that Western-style room and Japanese-style room became one.
(there are few prepared hotels.)

● Use type

・Semi-double (one bed of single and double middle size)
・Twin (room for 2 people)
・Triple (3-person room)
・Four-bedded room (4-person room)

As when it is Western-style room, there are many hotels which we do not take in one room more than 3-person room and four people
When there is much number of people, we will check.

3. Point of how to choose tending to forget carelessly

When we choose room, we introduce thing tending to forget though it is important.

● Size of room

"We made a reservation in room for 3 people, but were very small as we used room for two"We hear story called this well.
We will check whether size of room balances with the number of people well.

Use of one such as business trips 15 square meters,If use of two is 20 square meters, three people; with 25 square meters,We can spend without being tight, and feeling if there is area of "the number of 10 + 5*".

But because bed size varies according to hotels,It is one of how to choose not to fail in to visit beforehand at hotel.

● Smoking or non-smoking

Into non-smoking room,With "complete non-smoking room" which we always use as non-smoking room,There are two types of "deodorization-response room" which we may use as smoking room.

Person weak in smell of cigarette,We will confirm whether it is "complete non-smoking room" beforehand.

● Having parking lot or not

Place at hotel of urban area with a little parking numberAs there may be a charge, we will confirm beforehand.

● Restroom

As there is restroom where does not have toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user,Person to be necessary will check by all means.

● Wireless LAN correspondence

In the case of budget hotel, wireless LAN correspondence increased,Still there are a lot of places that only lobby supports.
Person to want to use the Internet in room,We will check whether it is usable in all rooms.

● Other services

Received service varies according to hotels.
Hotel where we want to stay atWe will confirm whether you give service that you want to use.

How to distinguish good hotels

1.Hotel within five years is beautiful from opening and renewal

After all it is new and wants to stay at clean hotel.
That purpose, agePlace to be worried about data renew, and how many years pass.

Wanting to be careful by how to choose hotels thereIt is indication called "some renewals".
We renewed only lobby,There is case which only some rooms renewed.

Of course even if it passes more than five years,There are not dirt and hurt, and there are a lot of hotels maintaining a feeling of cleanliness,Service that such a solid hotel has good qualityAs there are many places that we can receive,Let's just confirm as indication.

Case just after opening and renewal,It is check required in commemorative one which seems to often campaign!

2.We see word of mouth of hotel

It is one of success point of how to choose hotels to check word of mouth sites such as "trip adviser" or "4travel".

Particularly, word of mouth about facility is checked chiefly!

Concierge services may change in the people in charge on the day,It is new or is old, or facility and the room are beautiful, or is it dirty?Comment judging from severe eye of user is introduced.
Besides, user may introduce with blog.
We will search with "hotel excellent + blog".
As there is much notation which is more real than word of mouth site, we serve as a reference.

3. Improvement of restaurant

There are plural restaurants with beautiful restaurant,Hotel where restaurant is substantial,There seem to be many hotels where customer satisfaction is high, and - is popular among.
As it is easy to check restaurant information in net, we will confirm.

4. The best recommended! Hotel of duvet-style

Hotel of duvet-style is more likely to give an impression of cleanliness.
Photograph of dupesutairubettomeikingu
With "duvet-style," it is one of the styles of bedmaking.
"Duvet" is duvet in French,Bedmaking-style using duvetIt is called "duvet-style".

Normal style using bedcoverOn the sheet carrying bedcover,As we put edge under the mattress with sheet,Person to feel to be tight thinks that it is a lot.

As duvet-style wraps futon in sheet,Part conflicting with health is kept clean and,We do not have to worry to be rolled up with sheet.
There are few burdens to body, too, and there is no formal feeling.

It is about these days that this duvet-style penetrated.
We open in these several years andIt begins to be adopted around hotel which we renewed.

As there are many places that we adopt in luxury hotels that cost tens of thousands of yen a night,Hotel which cares about high quality service and cleanlinessIt is helpful to ascertain.

Selection of very important hotel becoming base of trip.
You make full use of art that you introduced this time, and succeed in hotel selection of,Please spend comfortable time relaxedly at hotel.


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