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    Hot spring of the powerful charm of trip! It will be healed slowly in hot spring!

    Trip to Onsen

    Recommended hot spring of Chugoku, Shikoku is this

    Dogo Onsen

    Dogo Onsen image

    Dogo Onsen is hot spring told that our country which comes up in "the Chronicles of Japan" is oldest. December, 2017, new spa facility "Dogo Onsen annex Asuka (tomorrow) * hot water spring" (yu) is hot spring area where is quite popular with the female trip section first place and girls in grand opening ♨2016 age hot spring general election!

    Tamatsukuri Onsen

    Tamatsukuri Onsen image

    Tamatsukuri Onsen was caused with "Kami-no-Yu" by the superior effect and has been got close to many people from old days. In such Tamatsukuri hot-spring resort, there are many hot spring cosmetics utilized spring quality and fair skin spots! You extend a trip a little from Izumo Taisha Shrine, and do you not relax in hot spring?♪

    Kotohira hot spring

    Kotohira hot spring image

    It is 1997 that hot spring gushed out in Kotohira. The source that one hotel dug was supplied to the accommodations of neighborhood, and kompirasannoo knee became Shikoku eminent hot-spring resort. Although the history as hot-spring resort is relatively shallow, it is chosen regular customer every year in "100 selections of Japanese hot springs". After kompirasan worship, please be healed after visiting kabuki picture signboards slowly. Please go to visit by all means♪

    Iyakei Onsen

    Iyakei Onsen image

    Hot spring along Iyadani-kei Gorge of Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima. It is counted in one of the Japan's three biggest unexplored hot spring with Niseko Yakushi Onsen of Hokkaido, Yachi Onsen of Aomori. Rent-a-car is required, and access becomes, but there is inn where only it is worth going in Sodani!

    Misasa Onsen

    Misasa Onsen image

    Hot water of Misasa is one of the world's best radioactive springs containing highly-concentrated radon. Radon is weak radiation that radium is broken down and occurs. Metabolism becomes active, and immunity and natural healing power increase when we take to body. Modern hot spring cure to enjoy hot spring which Misasa Onsen suggests thoroughly, and to reflect health.

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