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    Ube - Shimonoseki

    Yamaguchi that Mikata was opened in the sea creates vast stalactite cave or Akiyoshi-do Cave of famous Akiyoshi-dai on karst plateau. Iwao style island and shadow of a pine Shrine, Xavier Memorial Chapel, Hofu Tenman-gu Shrine are recommended at spot concerning the history, too. Kintai-kyo Bridge and national treasure Ruriko-ji Pagoda where the skill of artisan shines. Hagi Castle castle town that can enjoy trip aimlessly. It is charm full loading offering Yamaguchi including Yuda Onsen that SL Yamaguchi which is unbearable for railroad fan, free footbathing can enjoy!

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    JR Ube-Shinkawa Station 5-minute walk

    Hotel new Gaia Ube| Yamaguchi |

    Hotel new Gaia Ube image

    Good location of doorway JR Ube-Shinkawa Station 5-minute walk of Ube-shi, Yamaguchi. In base of business and sightseeing! Hotel which had convenience. Let alone low price high service, good location, it is budget hotel where there is good-quality atmosphere.

    - excellent at access is reasonable

    Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Shimonoseki| Yamaguchi |

    Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Shimonoseki image

    It is located in the barrier straits and town of the history, the center of Shimonoseki, and sightseeing and business use a lot. We prepare for environment available comfortably. "Welcome back", toward cozy hotel, we have guest with feeling.

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