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    Misasa Onsen - Kaike Onsen - Koyama hot spring

    In shoreline of Tottori facing the Sea of Japan, experiences such as the Japan's biggest Tottori Sand Dunes and sea bathing and snorkeling, sea kayaking are possible, too. There are triple-purpose mountain which prospered as famous Oyama and mountaineering asceticism and the mountains which mountain climbing - trekking - ski including ship Ueyama can enjoy. Spot where sightseeing of Tottori cannot exclude Shigeru Mizuki lord filled with the whole town with GeGeGe no Kitaro again! And it is recommended to thoroughly enjoy delicious Matsubagani in Kaike Onsen and Misasa Onsen.

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    Budget hotel with an ocean view

    Hotel area one Sakaiminato marina Tottori - Sakaiminato

    Hotel area one Sakaiminato marina image

    Seaside marina hotel which access is good for Shigeru Mizuki road, and is easy to use even business for trip. We can overlook the Sea of Japan from ocean-side room, and even single type secures 22 square meters of space that can relax relaxedly. We prepare room which fitted needs of customer including family and group. As for the breakfast buffet of reputation, it is breakfast buffet which "delicious breakfast" which mother cooks for guest can taste by word of mouth every morning. Please appreciate in commemoration of staying to hotel area one Sakaiminato marina♪

    Hot water and dishes vaunted accommodation of healing

    Misasa Royal Hotel| Tottori |

    Misasa Royal Hotel image

    The center of Tottori, environment that it is at entrance of Misasa Onsen, and is quiet and large open-air bath, large size resort hotel boasting dishes using mountains and seas bo good luck. We establish mist house of radium radon and chartered family bath newly and keep substantial facilities in banquet rooms.

    Warm hospitality of inn of the country

    Flower shop annex| Tottori |

    Flower shop annex image

    Flower shop annex which is close to romantic Koidani bridge built over Misasa River. We direct trip of hospitality, flower noyonataoyakasadeo visitor for romance with flower.

    It is accommodation of relaxing Kaike Onsen

    Hotel wellness broom road| Tottori |

    Hotel wellness broom road image

    Authentic spa facility which pulled excellent hot water of Kaike Onsen is popular accommodation. Kind of baths such as open-air bath, lying-down bath made with rock, chuon - high temperature sauna, whole body bath, it is fogged hot water, cold bath, air bubbles douche bath is richness. You can enjoy view of Oyama, too.

    It is accommodation of relaxing Koyama hot spring

    Paths of hotel wellness Inaba| Tottori |

    Paths of hotel wellness Inaba image

    Back room of Tottori-shi, Yoshioka Onsen entrance. We stand on the ground overlooking Koyama Pond of neighborhood 16km, and natural hot spring - nothing is fresh fishery products of prospects large communal bath and the Sea of Japan of adding water and accommodation "paths full of charm of hotel wellness Inaba". It is available at reasonable price casually.

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