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    Tonosho-cho - Shodoshima-cho

    Shodoshima blessed with warm climate. Valley - nature is appointed in Setonaikai National Park around Kankakei. If the weather is clear, we can look around Seto-ohashi, Onaruto bridge, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge at the same time from every direction finger observation deck. In addition, way angel road of sand appearing only at the time of ebb tide. 24 eyes movie village of nostalgic atmosphere. Choshi Valley Park, highlight full loading including mini-pilgrim over 88, Shodoshima point hallowed ground that there is monkey! In Greek building and olive park with windmill, it is place that became location of Kiki's Delivery Service.

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    Doorway of Shodoshima, port of Dosho are a 1-minute walk

    okidohoteru| Shodoshima |


    There is near port feeling soft breeze in Seto. You soak in hot spring - Shio-no-Yu of healing, and please enjoy cooking of a lot of seafood. I do not need, and a 1-minute walk and rent-a-car are available for appearance access from port. Bring station to bicycle enthusiast with perfection for cycle! You can borrow rent-a-bicycle casually.

    Angel lord can see from anywhere

    Shodoshima Grand Hotel clear water| Shodoshima |

    Shodoshima Grand Hotel clear water image

    Encounter, a time when we talk and are wonderful. We direct each cozy scene freewheelingly. Please enjoy evening for satisfaction on one class between family, friends now in time just as wanted.

    We are proud of discerning dishes using seasonal good luck

    Beach side hotel Kashima-so| Shodoshima |

    Beach side hotel Kashima-so image

    There is room which can overlook the calm Seto Inland Sea to back in Takamiyama Park, and actual feeling - can thoroughly enjoy air and fragrance of Shodoshima to customer.

    The Seto Inland Sea overlooks from open-air bath

    Hotel green plaza Shodoshima| Shodoshima |

    Hotel green plaza Shodoshima image

    All rooms ocean view! Because it is located on some hills, we can look around as far as the Seto Inland Sea is large from open-air bath and guest room. Dishes use local fish - wild plants - olive cows produced first thing in the morning! It is approximately five minutes by car from Dosho Port! There are pickup and drop-off if you can call at the time of arrival.

    Hotel which is the nearest to angel road

    Shodoshima International Hotel| Shodoshima |

    Shodoshima International Hotel image

    We prepare for various guest rooms and plans of ocean view in all rooms. Sightseeing spot "angel road" which is friend dance in Shodoshima is very near! It is said that couple can find happiness by all means when we walk way of sandy beach appearing only at the time of ebb of twice a day hand in hand.

    Popular accommodation where the beautiful setting sun is seen in

    Resort hotel oribi Ann Shodoshima| Shodoshima |

    Resort hotel oribi Ann Shodoshima image

    Natural hot spring open-air bath and pool, tennis, resort hotel oribi Ann Shodoshima boasting various activities including golf. The Vikings of discerning breakfast - dinner which we pulled use ingredients of island abundantly and are very popular with customers!

    Oriental charm to face the sky and the sea is plentiful

    Bay resort hotel Shodoshima| Shodoshima |

    Bay resort hotel Shodoshima image

    In the opening-like guest room of ocean view, oriental no charm is plentiful in all rooms. Other than spa facility and relaxation facility, there is summer-limited pool facility to be able to enjoy with family and friend outdoors including amusement complexes such as karaoke room and game corner, dance hall to be able to enjoy trip at hotel.

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