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    Country Shimane of relationship that gods gather


    - Tamatsukuri Onsen - Iwami in Izumo - Matsue-shi

    Izumo Taisha Shrine which is famous as god of marriage nationwide. Matsue-jo Castle which leaves marerezu landmark architecture including winding for noble Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine Buddhist temple and war letting you feel the history in now. A lot of spots wanting you to take a walk slowly including Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its Cultural Landscape enrolled in world heritage. Tachikue-kyo Gorge where the valley beauty that old pine-tree Furuki affects bave rock is beautiful. It is tourist attraction where Shimane cannot take off Lake Shinji which can enjoy sunset cruising on sightseeing pleasure boat.

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    We are proud of fine-view hot spring large communal bath!

    Matsue new Urban hotel| Shimane |

    Matsue new Urban hotel image

    It is located in Lake Shinji shore and is twin hotel with fine-view hot spring large communal bath. Sightseeing spots such as Shimane prefectural government office, government offices such as city halls or Matsue-jo Castle - Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum are near, too and are convenient for access. We have a lot of variations of room. Please spend an elegant time while relaxing in vaunted hot spring.

    Private space of peace

    Hotel Route Inn Matsue| Shimane |

    Hotel Route Inn Matsue image

    The history and culture are located in the center of breathing Matsue-shi and have five minutes and high convenience with us by car to JR Matsue Station - Lake Shinji - Matsue-jo Castle. You can see figure that pleasure boat that flavor is deep comes and goes in Horikawa around Matsue-jo Castle if we leave hotel a little. We value encounter with all of you and keep in mind to be able to stay in peace.

    Higher-grade good-quality city hotel

    Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu| Shimane |

    Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu image

    Bed of double size (bed 160cm in width) is prepared for by all rooms. Please heal body which was tired from daily work slowly and carefully. We prepare room to concept.

    It is 15 minutes by car from Izumo Taisha Shrine

    Izumo Royal Hotel| Shimane |

    Izumo Royal Hotel image

    Access from each celebrity sightseeing spot is good! City hotel near from matchmaking Shinto shrine, Izumo Taisha Shrine. Please relax with discerning bedclothing slowly. Aiming at waiting on customers of local NO1, we wrestle!

    It is located in the center of Izumo-shi

    hoterusannube| Shimane |

    Hotel sun gnu bay Madge

    It is approximately 50 minutes by car by car to approximately 20 minutes, Iwami-silver-mine to Izumo Taisha Shrine - ancient Izumo history Museum. It is very convenient for both sightseeing and business. Family has offer of Japanese-style room, too. Large parking lot prepares on plane. Person who goes around Shimane by car, please stay.

    Tradition and ancient hot spring wave abusive no accommodation

    gyokuzoonsenhoseikan| Shimane |

    gyokuzoonsenhoseikan image

    We do from four halls of "yusenkaku - koumekaku" and "takejukaku" which had the Emperor Showa stay among Japanese gardens which are full of green in site, and hot spring is ceaseless, and it can enjoy hot spring wave abusive ogo of overflowing ancient hot water from the latest source as there is footbath in river of ball Yukawa of the hotel door.

    Good old accommodation in the bank of ball Yukawa

    Well of Mt. Tamatsukuri Onsen inn| Shimane |

    Well image of Mt. Tamatsukuri Onsen inn

    There is well of hotel mountain as accommodation such as sunshine filtering through foliage which can feel some nostalgia in the bank of staying ball Yukawa of tradition. Hot spring is ceaseless, and it can enjoy hot spring wave abusive ogo of overflowing ancient hot water from the source where is so that there is footbath in riverbank of ball Yukawa of Hotel door. In addition, meal only in Japanese inn tries that cook puts great deal of effort and makes fresh seafood of the Sea of Japan.

    Accommodation where Lake Shinji is the nearest, and it is felt

    Tamatsukuri Kokusai Hotel| Shimane |

    Tamatsukuri Kokusai Hotel image

    Hotel which nestles in the shore of only Lake Shinji in Tamatsukuri Onsen. We give each traveler for ease scenery of magnificent Lake Shinji beautifully. In addition, it is pleased as the most suitable place to photograph scenery photograph of Lake Shinji which many lovers demand.

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