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    In the summer! In the summer! In the summer!

    In the summer! In the summer! Summer resort selection 20

    Recommended resort hotel 20 which wants to go in summer

    The Okinawa summer season arrival! Let's go for trip to Okinawa in this summer! In one called this…We introduce tour that collected resort hotels which can spend time while enjoying the blue sea and sky of Okinawa! Substantial facilities such as beach within walking distance, hotel pool, restaurant or hot spring…It is lineup in 20 attractive recommendation hotels! Choice is OK to purpose and preference♪

    We narrow down tour

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    As for this, it is real resort of Okinawa

    Hotel Japan Airlines ant handbill| Yomitan-son |

    Hotel Japan Airlines ant handbill image

    Beautiful space reflecting the image of beach where plain natural environments were protected and Spanish colonialism and refined facility and service. Resort hotel which it is located in Yomitan-son feeling the history and culture, and can sense original scenery of traditional Okinawa bodily luxuriously. He/she promises the finest Okinawa trip satisfied by international dignity.

    We stay at cottage while looking at beach of natural sand bar

    okumapuraibetobichi & resort| Kunigami-son |

    okumapuraibetobichi & resort image

    The Okinawa Island - West Coast! Pink cottage which forms a line on site among Nature of Yanbaru. Subtropical forest where is largest domestically at nature beach, back glistening white in front. We sense non-daily life bodily in location that totally harks back to foreign resort ♪ In resort hotel with full of exoticism, we can enjoy heart trip to Okinawa to feel at ease. Of course instagenic is ◎., too

    We enjoy all the pleasure of resort only in the hall

    rizanshipakuhoteru Tancha bay| Onna-son |

    rizanshipakuhoteru Tancha bay image

    Resort hotel with beautiful beach where sand bar of 800m leads to being under Onna-son in the very front ♪ Indoor pool, fine view bath and sauna and facility which restaurant and shop, natural light which are riot insert are fulfilling! Besides, it is completely equipped to nursery by the staff having nursery staff license! A lot of charm not to be able to miss for trip to Okinawa in family♪

    We are impressed by beauty of the setting sun

    Royal Hotel Okinawa Cape Zanpa| Yomitan-son |

    Royal Hotel Okinawa Cape Zanpa image

    Beach resort that was at Okinawa outstanding scenic spot - Cape Zanpa, and was chosen as "100 selections of accommodation - of Japanese setting sun." We are authorized in "accommodation of welcome baby" and can stay at trip to Okinawa with baby and small child casually. He/she treats in five restaurants and open-air bath set in the cave, full facility including garden pool where Japanese, Western, Chinese gathered.

    We overlook the beautiful sea of azure

    kanehide Kise beach palace| Nago-shi |

    kanehide Kise beach palace image

    The very front immediate "Kise beach" that is famous as beach of azure! Let alone guest room, outstanding location that can overlook beach everywhere in hall is attractive. It is trip to Okinawa Nara to be able to see the setting sun setting in the East China Sea. Enjoy the finest resort life that nature creates to the full. Marine sports that are recommended to family vacation are perfect scores!

    Large-scale resort that is the nearest from Naha Airport

    Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa| Itoman-shi |

    Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa image

    It is approximately 20 minutes by car from Naha Airport. It is the immediate very front of hotel that "there is Bibi beach, and is not rich" that various Malin activities was enriched. It is recommended to person who is active, and wants to enjoy trip to Okinawa. Two types of ocean view and harbor view that night view of city area is beautiful that guest room looks at the sea of cobalt blue. If enjoy luxury resort; here!

    Paradise of southern country

    Hotel Moon Beach| Onna-son |

    Hotel Moon Beach image

    This hotel located in Onna-son of the Okinawa Island West Coast is nature and resort hotel boasting photogenic building to snuggle up to ♪ Kiki surrounding beach of crescent moon type opening in front and outdoor pool, half indoor atrium pool, curtain of pothos of beach floor…Surely there is Okinawa trip that we can sense bodily only here.

    Among beaches of emerald green

    hoteruoriommotoburizoto & spa| Motobu-cho |

    hoteruoriommotoburizoto & spy Madge

    Churaumi Aquarium and Fukugi row of trees of Bise, resort hotel among emerald beaches! Resort where we be wrapped up in fragrance of flower of southern country rustling in sea breeze, and polish and open feeling harmonize with pleasantly. We provoke to holiday of supreme bliss to be able to taste only here.

    Hotel where consideration to family is nice

    The beach tower Okinawa| Chatan-cho |

    The beach tower Okinawa image

    It is the high-rise resort hotel located in Kitatani district United States village. Healing pool and goat and squirrel monkey and contact Zoo to be able to always swim in natural hot spring to be able to be idle are extreme popularity for children! There are paper diaper and milk and free service of baby article to become baggage and can spend even trip to Okinawa that was with small child comfortably.

    We can play theme park sense

    Renaissance resort Okinawa| Onna-son |

    Renaissance resort Okinawa image

    It is full of activities such as theme park in dolphin and circle including treasure hunting of dolphin program to be able to be idle and adventure sense. Facilities such as natural hot spring or fitness gym are enriched and are sure that anyone is satisfied very much, thing. At hotel almost oasis of Onna-son, do you not enjoy trip to Okinawa?

    Emerald green of the first page to see from window

    Miyuki Hamabaru Resort| Onna-son |

    Miyuki Hamabaru Resort image

    Special resort space with charm of Okinawa as circle hands.
    We touch culture of Ryukyu which warm heart given subtropical beautiful Nature enjoying the finest beach life created.
    Anything goes just as you want.

    To longed-for Manza

    ANA InterContinental Manza beach resort| Onna-son |

    ANA InterContinental Manza beach resort image

    Is located in the best location overlooking Manzamo that is quasi-national park, is right Okinawa's leading resort hotel among the seas at 360 degrees. Malin leisure and gourmet, all services including relaxation to access around grand colonnade lobby are full of refined good quality. We can spend a time healed heart by trip to Okinawa.

    European classical music

    hoterumontore Okinawa spa & resort| Onna-son |

    hoterumontore Okinawa spa & resort image

    Is built to surround beach "tiger beach" eminent Okinawa, all guest rooms and restaurants are ocean views ♪ Various pools and bathroom of natural hot spring, hospitality offering southern country resort including beach activity to be able to enjoy casually that child is absorbed in are fully loaded! Antique furniture put everywhere enlivens trip to Okinawa.

    True vacation is here

    The busenaterasu| Nago-shi |

    The busenaterasuimeji

    This hotel located on Okinawa Island, part shallows name cape of Nago-shi is resort hotel representing Okinawa. Scenery which is built on very large site full of nature, and harks back to street corner rather than hotel. Opening-like guest room and public space, various gourmets direct trip to Okinawa by the best hospitality. We can be satisfied with the finest resort stay very much.

    Grand resort hotel of 80,000 tsubos

    Okinawa kariyushi beach resort - ocean spa| Onna-son |

    Okinawa kariyushi beach resort - ocean spy Madge

    Location that can look around the beautiful setting sun and East China Sea is the best ♪ Three kinds of pools and spa & saunas, space full of * and Shiga of "water" including fine-view bathhouse. Furthermore, facility and service for baby & kids are fulfilling, too. Resort hotel where is recommended to trip to Okinawa with child here. It is good to person who wants to enjoy marine resort in Onna-son!

    Tropical resort where heart and soul are clear

    Rag nuggar den hotel| Ginowan-shi |

    Rag nuggar den hotel image

    City resort that there is this hotel which can overlook the East China Sea in location near Naha and Kitatani, and can fully enjoy light and wind of southern country. Full facility including atrium lounge among outdoor pool, flower and water and green largest in the prefecture. We can enjoy even Okinawa trip to go for in three generations with style that we looked good with each. Access to popular spot is outstanding, too.

    A lot of open feeling resort close to Churaumi Aquarium

    hoterumahainauerunesurizotookinawa| Motobu-cho |


    Guest room which is filled with open feeling, and overflowed is ocean view in all rooms ♪ We can enjoy the finest resort stay in front in the sea of emerald green. Overwhelming popular garden - indoor pool is enriched in family! There are full of highlight of Jan Baru including Fukugi row of trees - Churaumi Aquarium - Nakajin Castle Site of Bise in the outskirts! It is super recommended to trip to Okinawa by family and couple.

    Space of healing to you.....

    Okinawa Marriott resort & spa| Nago-shi |

    Okinawa Marriott resort & spy Madge

    It is Okinawa outstanding resort hotel located on hill of Nago-shi. All guest rooms are ocean views. Garden pool, spa - nail salon, jacuzzi and training facility with beauty treatment salon menu are enriched, too and can sense resort stay bodily with favorite style. It is the best recommended for trip to Okinawa in family.

    Resort of adult who wants to live

    kafurizotofuchakukondo - hotel| Onna-son |

    kafurizotofuchakukondo - hotel image

    Atmosphere that was built on hill which looked down at beach of Onna-son, and refined Asian - colonialism. It is good-quality resort letting hotel style and condominium-style belonging to kitchen are available and think, "we want to stay for long term!". An average of 60 square meters of rooms are extensive with the above. As bath and toilet become different, it is most suitable for trip to Okinawa in family and girls.

    Refined hospitality

    Hilton Chatan, Okinawa resort| Chatan-cho |

    Hilton Chatan, Okinawa resort image

    International dignity only in Hilton harmonizes with this hotel located in central part, Chatan-cho of Okinawa Island in natural feel of texture like resort. Furthermore, hotel stay excellent; Mihama town resort dotted around suitable a great variety of facilities, American village…A lot of resort space coloring trip to Okinawa splendidly♪

    Natural hot spring is attractive in superb view resort hotel, too

    The Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo| Nanjo-shi |

    The Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo image

    New building makes its grand opening in July, 2017!
    It is on the hill and can overlook the beautiful sea.
    Is large communal bath, luxurious superb view resort hotel where there is large pool in.

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