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Trip to FEATURES Okinawa recommended special feature

RECOMMENDATION staff recommended plan

We introduce seasonal special feature to enjoy Okinawa trip - Okinawa tour that the plan person in charge of Okinawa recommends! It is check required to family vacation and student trip - couple of summer vacation!

With blue cave snorkeling - experience-based diving

Are "snorkeling" and "experience-based diving" which preference?

Image with blue cave snorkeling - experience-based diving

Blue cave in precipice of scenic spot "Cape Maeda" of Okinawa. It is tourist attraction that wants to be visited once if we go for trip to Okinawa. It is place that has been ever used as evacuation site of fishing boat, but is quite popular now as spot of snorkeling and diving! While it is surrounded by beautiful blue light, do you not go into the mysterious world?

Recommend: Seven selections of Okinawa pool resorts where this is great

Because they are with child, sea and both pools want to enjoy!

Recommend: Okinawa pool resort seven selections image that this is great

Seven selections of Okinawa pool resorts where is recommended to the sea and pool, both person who wants to enjoy by trip to Okinawa! Only in the resort hotel where pool and hotel stay including pool worth greatly playing, instagenic beautiful pool which can be idle with water sliders become more and more fun. It is with rent-a-car, and tour that is profit that how is with admission ticket with breakfast is fulfilling!

Tour with Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium admission ticket

Under recommended hotel TOP5 publication close to Churaumi Aquarium

Tour image with Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium admission ticket

Introduction of Okinawa tour with popular tourist attraction "Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium" admission ticket! As Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium admission ticket charges are tours included in tour costs, there is a lot in advantageous schedule than we purchase ticket of reduced price separately! We are publishing recommended hotel TOP5 around Motobu-cho close to Churaumi Aquarium! Favorite hotel is selectable.

Okinawa resort consecutive stay is special! Up to 1,000 yen discount

Dinner 1 sending of resort hotel! With tourist facility admission ticket!

Okinawa resort consecutive stay is special! Up to 1,000 yen discount image

It is up to 1,000 yen discount per person in higher than Okinawa resort hotel stay for 3 days! Introduction of Okinawa tour that had - tourist facility admission ticket (admission ticket of Okinawa world - pineapple park - Ryukyu village) with one time of dinner in resort hotel during stay as privilege more! We choose from five popular resort hotels plan, and let's enjoy elegant resort life!

Okinawa resort hotel with night pool to be able to swim

Okinawa resort hotel image with night pool to be able to swim

Okinawa trip that is recommended to family vacation with children let alone friend trip! It is pickup at hotel which is open in resort hotel and city hotel of Okinawa in night pool. It is very popular with one and children of woman minding sunburn at night! It is full of advantageous tours including - with breakfast with rent-a-car! Furthermore, no saying if there is hotel privilege!

10 University is with benefits! The sightseeing in Okinawa Island enjoyment is special

It is recommended to customer oriented to sightseeing!

10 University is with benefits! Sightseeing in Okinawa Island enjoyment special image

With admission ticket and privilege of spot that want to go once in Okinawa including "Okinawa world" "Ryukyu village" "Nago pineapple park" including "the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium" [sightseeing in Okinawa Island enjoyment special]. It is absolutely recommended to trip to Okinawa for the first time sahamochiron, repeater oriented to sightseeing! Because is with rent-a-car; as for the movement to sightseeing spot easily♪

PICKUP HOTEL pickup recommended hotel

As for the trip to Okinawa of JTRIP, lineup of hotel is abundant from deluxe resort to casual resort! We pick up recommended hotel enjoying trip to Okinawa according to purpose from that!



Okinawa features each area very! We will check information of each area before going for trip to Okinawa!

  • The Okinawa Island's greatest resort hotel area

    Around Onna-son image

    Around Onna-son

    The West Coast (the Onna-son - Yomitan-son - Nago-shi south)

    The West Coast which is resort area outstanding of Okinawa Island. Place where a lot of attractive tourist attractions including "Ryukyu village" where "blue cave" as mysterious snorkel point of popularity can learn culture and art of Okinawa from "busena underwater park" which coral reef and tropical fish that around Onna-son in particular is beautiful and underwater walk can enjoy want to go to visit by trip to Okinawa once! We cannot miss beauty of the setting sun coloring the sea into orange♪

  • Area where the northern part of Okinawa Island, tourist attractions including the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium gather

    Around Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium image

    Around Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

    The Kunigami-son - Motobu-cho - Nago-shi area

    The Okinawa Island - northern part where a lot of celebrity tourist attractions are is place where much nature which are not reclaimed remains including Yanbaru. A lot of small islands including Italy Enoshima and Minnajima are dotted with the seas beautifully, too. Constant seller during keeping watch not to be able to take off the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium by trip to Okinawa above all! In aquarium having huge water tank which whale shark and manta can swim about elegantly, it is popular spot of northern part NO.1.

  • There are a lot of shops in Kitatani American village

    Around Kitatani - Koza image

    Around Kitatani - Koza

    Chatan-cho - Ginowan - Okinawa-shi - Kitanakagusuku-son - Uruma-shi

    Around Kitatani - Koza located in the Okinawa Island central part. A lot of foreigners live both and are town full of exoticism that color is dark, and reflected American culture. In live house of mat (Okinawa-shi) to be able to enjoy from Mihama American village and lock of Chatan-cho that can enjoy shopping and gourmet to jazz, pop music, Okinawa folk song, we can enjoy trip to deep Okinawa. Even marine sports are OK in the sea of the West Coast!

  • In base of sightseeing - business

    Image in Naha-shi

    The Naha city

    Area close to airport including Kokusai Street - Shuri

    In Naha-shi is cheap, and feature recommended hotel! Hotel of ranking high rank in hotel within the range of Kokusai Street foot and word of mouth site, near hotel at Naha Airport…Majority preparation! "yachimun streets" which have world heritages such as Shuri Castle or shikimeien, the history of 300 years "Kokusai Street" and kitchen "first Makishi public market" of Naha that can enjoy shopping…We stay at hotel in Naha-shi and will enjoy trip to Okinawa!

  • It is included near resorts by airport

    Itoman-shi - Nanjo-shi image

    Itoman-shi - Nanjo-shi

    Itoman-shi - Tomigusuku-shi - Nanjo-shi

    Southern part area where there is much nature becoming history cultural assets concerning Ryukyu dynasty and the background. As it is dotted with prayer facility and places of holy prayer to introduce wartime experience into in history, how about facing in peace and preciousness of life by trip to Okinawa. Charm of Okinawa is the condensation tightly in this area including spot that can experience bridge, folkcraft which can come across stalactite cave proud of magnificent scenery, natural beach excellent at transparency, superb view of impression!

  • Doorway of Yaeyama Islands

    Ishigakijima (Yaeyama Islands) image

    Ishigakijima (Yaeyama Islands)

    Ishigakijima - Iriomotejima - Kohamajima - Taketomijima - Yonagunijima

    Diving point "Ishigakijima" where Japan is representative for central existence of Yaeyama Islands. The beautiful sea and sandy beach of "Gulf of Kawahira" (mold and others bowl) which are colorful, and change by time to see are tourist attractions not to be able to take off by trip to Ishigakijima. In addition, access to Yaeyama Islands such as Iriomotejima, Kohamajima, Taketomijima, Haterumajima, Yonagunijima is possible based in Ishigakijima, too! It is having fun to feel difference in expression visiting each island.

  • We want to go to remote island 5 Island which can go by drive!

    Miyakojima image



    Miyakojima proud of great popularity in remote island of Okinawa. The sea surrounding people is outstandingly beautiful and is attention for diving and snorkeling point. It is Yoshino Beach, Yonaha Maehama Beach to be particularly famous. In the sea around Ikemajima crossing northern bridge, we can look at coral and tropical fish close. It is Good! to go for trip to Miyakojima while looking at superb view from Irabu Ohashi of 3,540m in total length

  • We want to go to Hate no Hama once!

    Kumejima image



    Nature that "island of the ball beauty" (we cross) where Ryukyu one is beautiful and sung Kumejima are overwhelming because the whole island is appointed in prefectural nature park! It is remote island of healing full of the sea breeze and sounds of wave. Spot that we want to perform once if grand scenery among the sea and sandy beaches is splendid if "Hate no Hama" is empty and visits Kumejima. It recommends trip to precious Kumejima to go around round islands by drive sightseeing♪

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In J-TRIP (JTRIP), we offer advantageous package tour to go for trip to Okinawa in JAL. We select carefully by hotel - rent-a-car - activity from whole Okinawa from Okinawa Island to remote islands such as Ishigakijima - Miyakojima - Kumejima and can make trip smartly. We return J mile by all plans and support trip to Okinawa more cheaply!