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We pick up hotel and popular hotel which we cut the price of and guide.

One action released reduction in price hotel from official hotel of Universal Studios Japan to popular hotel in Osaka-shi!

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We meet with USJ world everywhere of hotel.

Hotel universal port | USJ official hotel |

Hotel universal port image

Character and direction only in USJ meet the front desk including elevator in at every turn in hall from moment when we entered. It is official hotel of a 4-minute walk to USJ which is pleasant just to take a walk through aquarium of 15m in total length and hotel including unique photospot.

"Trip more than space-time to the United States" is theme.

The park front hotel at Universal Studios - Japan ™ | USJ official hotel |

The park front hotel at Universal Studios - Japan ™ image

Official hotel nearest from main gate of USJ. A lot of devices such as attraction that featured the theme of the home "United States" of the Universal Studios everywhere in hall. Guest room of separate is cozy spaciously bath and toilet in all rooms.

We direct the world of hollywood movie full of dreams.

Hotel Keihan universal - city | USJ official hotel |

Hotel Keihan universal - city image

All in hall is official hotel such as theme park with location called a 2-minute walk from entrance to lobby to USJ. Interior that guest room was designed to forest and lake, concept such as Movie creates continuance of dreamland.

32 stories tower which night view of Osaka city can thoroughly enjoy.

Hotel Keihan universal - tower | USJ official hotel |

Hotel Keihan universal - tower image

It is a 2-minute walk to USJ from JR Universal-city Station in a 1-minute walk. Service enhancement including kids space that does not let cloakroom and children leaving baggage on the largest scale for official hotel get tired. Night view from 31F nature prospects hot spring (pay) is the best part.

Luxury time to spend in bay area

kuintessahoteru Osaka bay (former la - rezon Osaka) | Bay area |

kuintessahoteru Osaka bay (former la - rezon Osaka) image

It became name change to kuintessahoteru Osaka bay (old hotel - la - rezon Osaka) from March 1, 2018.

Unhurried area that all the guest rooms are more than 40 square meters by refined interior that featured the theme of contemporary Schick is charm. It is approximately 15 minutes by pick-up bus free in Intex Osaka which is Kokusaitenjijo in a 1-minute walk in USJ. From sightseeing to business, it is hotel which can spend time elegantly.

We stay for weekly mansion sense.

Hotel rib max Esaka | Esaka |

Hotel rib max Esaka image

As downtown of North Osaka is good location of one minute from station in Esaka with vigor. It is approximately 20 minutes without transfer using subway Midosuji Line in approximately 12 minutes, Namba to Umeda. Microwave oven is prepared for guest room let alone TV and electric kettle and is convenient for long-term stay.

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