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2018/08/02 We sell until the beginning of April, 2019 and start!
2018/07/18 USJ official hotel [hotel universal port Vita] release start♪
2018/06/25 Anyway, August departure that we want to go for cheaply
2018/05/31 USJ official hotel [Hotel Kintetsu universal - city] increased♪

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About trip to Kansai - Osaka - Osaka tour

In J-TRIP (JTRIP), we provide advantageous package tour to go to trip to trip to Kansai - Osaka - Osaka tour in JAL. We select carefully by hotel - rent-a-car - activity from whole Kansai including Osaka - Kyoto - Kobe - Wakayama - Nara and can make trip smartly. We return J mile by all plans and support trip to Kansai more cheaply!