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    Hokkaido SKI

    GELANDE INFORMATION Hokkaido ski slope introduction GELANDE INFORMATION

    • Powder snow resort


      Rusutsu Resort

      Total run distance 42km!

      Scale is Hokkaido greatest class in course number that rusutsurizotosuki ground of "the WORLD SKI AWARD 2017 highest award" can enjoy Hokkaido ski - snowboarding with all one's might, facility enhancement degree, composition leisure. In addition, miscellaneousness including "kids Snow park" where is good to what there is "freedom park" which installs various items such as ski jump or flat box as well as normal course, and decides trick, and can play, and begins ski and snowboarding for the first time. And, in uesutinrusutsurizoto and south wing, we play and are tired, and hot spring gahokkorito heals cool body. Hokkaido skiing of this year is decided on rusutsu♪

    • Nature of the snow of the Hokkaido top-class


      Kiroro Snow World

      Ski resort where is full of senses of fun

      Course, compacted snow that kilometer loss no world consisting of 3 areas of Nagamine - Asari - Yoichi can glide in ofupisute without doing compacted snow are skiing areas that can enjoy Hokkaido ski - snowboarding including one piece of barn course that there is not of done habit, course of mountain behind-like atmosphere, center area course that can be slippery without worrying about junction, kids course that child of beginner can enjoy in a great variety of courses. In addition, there are various facilities including restaurant - shopping - hot spring - pool game building in kirorobesutaun and can spend substantial time other than the ski - snowboarding.

    • Vast panorama which overlooks Mount Yotei



      It is quite popular from foreign countries

      In the slope of "nisekohirafu" having high nature of the snow, the neighborhood of mountaintop can enjoy particularly soft and fluffy powder snow by course setting to be able to enjoy Hokkaido ski - snowboarding from senior to beginner widely. From hotel where facilities - amenity of room is substantial by slope direct connection, is reasonable; per person; but please choose even families as purpose to pension - lodge to be able to spend leisurely relaxedly in total without putting a shoulder and an elbow. (following slope MAP is 2017-18)

    • Various activities are fulfilling

      Niseko village image

      Niseko Village

      The unforgettable best run experience

      "Niseko village" of powder snow seeing Mount Yotei is slope that it is prepared, and a great variety of activities can enjoy from beginner to senior as well as Hokkaido ski and snowboarding. And, in "shopping & dining area that it is adjacent, and was born newly," we can enjoy shopping and meal in spite of being atmosphere oo feeling of good old Machiya. In addition, art event that collected artist works resident in Hokkaido performed in the green leaf is one of the pleasure of village.

    • We make a tour of hot springs in after-ski

      Niseko Annupuri image

      Niseko Annupuri

      Slope that both adult and child can enjoy!

      annupuri international skiing area located on south slope of Mt. Niseko Annupuri is in course that beginner can enjoy, but it is course that steep slope can enjoy while, if anything, course for middle seniors looks at trees of birch which is white elegantly in substantial slope, and there are "champion courses" that can experience sliding of powder snow of more greatest batter 33 degrees that enjoyed panorama of 360-degree superb view near top. In addition, we have abundant accommodations which can enjoy hot spring in hall.

    • All 29 substantial courses

      Hoshino resort Tomamu image

      Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

      Experience that is fantastic in town appearing only in winter

      Tomamu is skiing area that can sense the cause of idea called "winter mountain opening declaration", winter mountain original pleasure bodily. CAT tour to enjoy "senior-limited opening area" (the course outside) and the suburban mountains is recommendation toward the middle senior feeling lacking something on slope. Powder debut program (lesson) prepares for person that we have no confidence, too. After having enjoyed winter mountain, please enjoy town "ice Village" of fantastic ice and after-ski program including Snow activity.

    • Vast panorama which Tokachi Plains can overlook

      Tokachi Sahoro resort image

      Tokachi Sahoro Resort

      Light, slippery good-quality snow is attractive

      Long course where Sahoro skiing area used gentle slope of Mt. Sahoro more than 1,000m above sea level. Have me enjoy Hokkaido ski relaxedly to the full while looking at nature of Tokachi Plains of very large silver under eyes, and run of snowboarding is possible in all courses, too. Gourmet and wine that another charm of Sahoro made use of seasonal foods. As sommelier chooses "sommelier recommended wine of this month" as for the wine in particular every month, it is recommended to person to want to drink delicious hometown product wine in Hokkaido.

    • Long cruising more than 4 kilos

      Furano skiing area image

      Furano Ski Area

      Program for kids is abundant, too

      We have 2 areas of north peak zone where various courses spread out and Furano zone of the long run course main constituent in Furano skiing area. We climb the mountaintop by the domestic fastest 101-passenger ropeway, and we choose course that there was, and level can run on magnificent scenery of Tokachidake and Daisetsuzan mountain range in spite of being view. In addition, hot-air balloon experience-based flight, pond smelt fishing in Lake Kanayama, activity offering Nature of winter Furano including "snow dome" made of snowy blocks to look at Daisetsuzan mountain range from the top are rich.

    • Skiing area that is the nearest from New Chitose Airport

      Maung tray Sui image

      Mount Racey

      Long course existence that beginner can enjoy

      Maung tray Sui has good 60 minutes and access by car from 90 minutes, new Chitose from Sapporo in front of Yubari Station. As we lay emphasis on "ski & sunobosukuru" for beginners lesson and instruct carefully, it is good to ski debut of child. Of course it is skiing area to be able to enjoy in families as there is course for seniors. Night tour to be able to enjoy night view and star-filled sky of the up, Ishikari plains and the Sapporo area by snowmobile to the mountaintop is charm of resui.

    • Long course of full length 3,000M

      Asarigawa Onsen skiing area image

      Asarigawa Onsen skiing area

      We enjoy ski and both hot springs

      Asarigawa Onsen skiing area can enjoy unhurried long run in long course of up to 3km. Is active by winter sports, and walk in spite of being the snow scene view of Otaru canals of Otaru city slowly at night, and of fresh seafood gourmet eat the way, and can enjoy two pleasure such as shopping of industrial art objects such as glass or music box at a time. Shuttle buses from hotel to Otaru Station run, too.

    • Slope to be able to go from Sapporo - Jozankei

      Sapporo international skiing area image

      Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort

      We can enjoy from beginner to senior

      There is already 630m above sea level at the foot, too, in the city rain if even if heavy snow falls, come to Sapporo international skiing area; the finest powder snow! Quantity of snow which thing is what common in is Hokkaido first-rate skiing area. Powder snow outstanding in Hokkaido and very large slope are attractive. Long run course of longest run distance 3.6km. The finest powder snow which stable snowfall brings above all. From beginner to senior, family, we can enjoy to preference.  

    • Course longest in the way is 6km in total length

      Sapporo Teine image

      Sapporo Teine

      Sapporo Teine greatest in the scenery

      Sapporo Teine skiing area is approximately 40 minutes by car from Sapporo-shi center. Skiing area where is popular among many tourists including Sapporo citizen in urban skiing area excellent at approximately seven minutes and access from expressway teine IC. We can overlook cityscape and Gulf of Sapporo-shi of Ishikari from the mountaintop more than 1,000m above sea level while being in city and can taste the best powder snow. Of "highland zone" featuring course that is various in the area of skiing area and "Olympia zone" where is popular among family and tourists is greatly divided into two, and is skiing area that purpose can enjoy in total of popularity♪

    • It is skiing area of little-known spot to the people in the know

      Kamui ski Lynx image

      Kamui ski Lynx

      We enjoy powder in private slope

      We stay at hotel in Asahikawa-shi and are appearance of return plan and rent-a-car plan to be able to enjoy by rent-a-car freely belonging to to skiing area on Asahikawa stay Kamui ski Lynx day to move by round-trip pick-up bus easily! As popularity is high and we are available, as for Kamui ski Lynx, skier in way can enjoy ski at ease, too! And it is recommended to go to popular Asahiyama Zoo by sightseeing speaking of Asahikawa.

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